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Tuesday, Oct. 12, 2010 Minutes — Honoring History and Traditions Task Group

Tuesday, October 12, 2010 — 5:30 p.m. | Wellness Center Class Room 120-121


PRESENT:  Kris Compton (Co-Chair); Bruce Smith (Co-Chair); Charlie Bridgeford; Julie Evans; Kara Fisher; Bill Gourneau; Birgit Hans, Jayson Hajdu; Grant Hauschild; Casey Hayden; Thomasine Heitkamp; Gordon Henry; Sue Jeno; Eric Lunn; Robert ‘BJ’ Rainbow; Neil Reuter; Casey Spark; Chris Stoks; Kyle Wikstrom; Cheri Williams (Recorder).

Absent:  Linda Neuerburg; Tim O’Keefe; Seinquis Slater.

Guests:  President Robert Kelley; Bob Boyd (Transition Officer); Brian Faison (Athletics Director); Peter Johnson (Office of University Relations).

WelcomeBruce Smith welcomed everyone to the meeting and introduced President Kelley.

Comments – President KelleyPresident Kelley also welcomed the task group and thanked everyone for being a part of the Honoring History and Traditions Task Group (HHTTG).  President Kelley reported that he was instructed by Chancellor Goetz and the State Board of Higher Education to retire the nickname and logo.  President Kelley stated he hoped the HHTTG recognized that during this transition process every individual needs to feel heard and respected.  President Kelley believes that the process of coming together as one group will make the University of North Dakota (UND) stronger.

Comments – Brian FaisonAthletic Director, Brian Faison, reported that the transition for athletics is to be completed by August 2011.  Mr. Faison reported that the Athletics Department has begun the transition process.  Different components for the transition will be ongoing with some elements beginning early December.

Comments – Bob Boyd Bob Boyd thanked the members of the task group for their willingness and commitment to be a part of the Honoring History and Traditions Task Group.  Dr. Boyd reviewed the Transition Team organizational chart.  Dr. Boyd informed the task group that the President’s Transition Partners are individuals who the task group can consult for information and advice.  Dr. Boyd stated in keeping with President Kelley’s promise to be inclusive and transparent, the media has been informed of this meeting and will be kept informed of all future meetings.  Therefore, media may be present at the HHTTG meetings.  Dr. Boyd informed the task group that minutes/notes will be taken at every meeting, which will be presented to all members for review prior to each meeting.  Dr. Boyd strongly encouraged everyone to review those minutes/notes for accuracy.

IntroductionsAll HHTTG members were asked to introduce themselves and state their connection to UND.  Bruce Smith informed the task group that they represent a large group of constituents (students, faculty, staff, athletes, community, alumni).  Dean Smith reported there are no right or wrong answers, there is no majority vote, and the task group’s assignment is to present all perspectives to the President for his review and decision.

Review of AgendaThe agenda was reviewed.

Explanation of material in the folderBruce Smith and Kris Compton reviewed the materials distributed to the task group.  Task group members were asked to become well acquainted with the NCAA Settlement Agreement.

Charge of the Task Group The document entitled “Charge” was reviewed in detail. The HHTTG has three charges and, they are, in summary: (1) whether or not UND’s current nickname and logo have possible non-athletic use in the future; (2) how to document 80 years of history; and (3) how to retire the current nickname and logo.

Time LineThe HHTTG was provided with a copy of the Transition Team’s time line, which includes all three task groups.  The HHTTG was provided a copy of the HHTTG time line.  Kris Compton reported that, under the HHTTG time line, the task group is currently in Phase I, during which the task group will address the first charge.  This work should be completed by December 2010.

Discussion / Questions A task group member asked how members should respond if questioned by the media.  Peter Johnson stated that all media questions should be referred to him.  Bruce Smith stated that the HHTTG members are not spokespersons for UND.  A task group member stated that he did not believe UND should continue to use the current nickname and logo in any form.  Kris Compton responded the task group’s first task at hand is to compile an inventory of all current non-athletic uses and they will be discussed at future meetings.  That information will then be provided to President Kelley and he will make the decision whether or not the nickname and logo will continue to be used in non-athletic ways.  Ms. Compton reported that, according to the NCAA Settlement Agreement, the University of North Dakota has to use the trademark periodically in a non-athletic way in order to retain the rights to it.  Julie Evans added that “periodic” has yet to be defined, as well as the way in which it must be used; a display in a historic center may not be enough.  A task group member asked if UND owns the trademark, can’t UND prevent the Ralph Engelstad Arena (REA) from using that trademark.  Julie Evans responded that the REA is not owned by UND and the REA is not subject to the NCAA Settlement Agreement.  Bill Gourneau asked at the October 12 meeting if the Ralph Engelstad Arena (REA) was given permission to use the nickname logo.  Brian Faison indicated that although he did not remember answering the question, he confirmed that at some time the REA had to have been given permission to use the current logo.

Tasks to be completed by the next meeting Kris Compton informed the task group that the assignment prior to the next meeting is to create an inventory of all current uses of the nickname and logo.  Task group members were instructed to send their lists to Cheri Williams for compilation.  The compiled list will be discussed at the next meeting.

Next MeetingThe next meeting will be held on October 26, 2010, at 5:30 p.m. at the Wellness Center Class Room 120-121.  Future meetings will be held every other Tuesday at the same time and location (unless otherwise notified). 

Meeting adjourned at 7:10 p.m.